TENT Sept '09

A Balancing Meal A Balancing Meal By NorthMAGI

After finding that TENT seemed much smaller this year - I tried to root out some of the low key, exciting projects. I quite liked this quirky idea by designers at NorthMAGI (www.northmagi.com), a collective of design graduates from Central Saint Martins, London.

"This product fosters a positive eating experience by making meal times more interactive. In engaging people and taking the first step towards the slowing down of modern day hectic lifestyles, it is hoped that the simple pleasures of enjoying a meal is once again discovered. The rocking structure encourages its users to eat with care and at a similar speed. In trying to establish equilibrium, the users' focus is directed towards interacting with each other."

Probably not that practical however, a good place to start building sustainable design solutions.


Library Chair

The Library Chair By Groupdesign

Simple, practical design!



Keep Cup By Keep Cup Austrailia (www.keepcup.com.au)

This cup is only about aesthetics & greenwashing - It was quite obvious that its existence is pointless. The reason people use disposable cups...is for that very reasons, so they don't have to carry a cup around with them!?!

I'm not buying this one!


.....Its worth checking out the graduate work from Central Saint Martins this year: www.creativesupermammals.com. Some really inspiring ideas...

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