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At the beginning of this year, I had the brilliant idea of moving to Berlin permanently! Dan and I went on a research trip out there to find the best spot in town to live. The trip also happened to coincide with the International Design Festival DMY - Perfect timing!  


I DO really need to mention the 'Fatboy hammock' outside - Amazing! (

I was keen to see how important Sustainability was on the design scene in Berlin. It being my area of interest and expertise. I wanted to find contacts and projects to get involved with. The only problem is, I can not speak a word of German - even after extensive youtube watching!

Germany has been ahead of the game for years and I hoped I'd find this at DMY.


I was impressed by the day to day mentality of the German people to greener living - all the systems seem to be in place  so, it is easy to be green, whether is is via transport, recycling or good product sourcing.

Some great ideas from DMY include:


COLO by Peter Schwartz & Helene Steiner


"the colo-concept breaks with the handling-habits of an old-fashioned dishwasher. it's a reduction of the machine to its essentials, orientated on user-needs. colo merges the dishwasher with the sink. at this, handling-complexity is also reduced to a minimum. there is no need to sort in the dishes piece for piece, simply place the tray with all of it in the sink, and simply put the tray back on the wall when it's done."

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This is one of my favourites: 





"Since march the future of work has become present at betahaus: a 1000 qm work space and network platform for 120 creatives with a café located at Berlin’s Moritzplatz. Guidances several times daily. As contemporary platform for art and design betahaus presents products for the mobile knowledge worker. Interactiv installations abolish pretended boarders between analog and digital. With designers from Germany, Netherlands and Norway."

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Compressed air bike


"The whole bike's frame is a tank for air. A little air motor is placed beneath the seat. A transmission connects it to the rear wheel. Using a valve, it is possible to control the air that helps the cyclist to pedal."

Could this encourage commuters?

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PIEGATO by Matthias Ries


"Piegato is a sheet steel rack with a surprisingly carrying capacity.  The laser cut and powder coated sheet steel is been delivered almost completely plain, which results in a simple and cost effetive transportation. The customer then folds the required amount of shelfs from the plain and mounts the hole rack with just two screws in a few minutes.

Based on the enviromental friendly production, the freight size and the recyclability Piegato also holds a brilliant ecological balance."

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COEN by Moritz Bottcher & Soren Henssler

Coen Lights

Berlin based consultancy, Coen Lights

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LEAVES by Maria Tsartsali



"One side is coated with natural latex, which helps them retain their elasticity and texture.  They can be a wallpaper or a curtain stuck with blu-tack, a rug or anything you wish. The idea is to highlight the beauty of nature and recreate the natural environment in an interior setting."

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Having said all this, I have decided to stay in London for the time being. I love the buzz! Although, Berlin is a very cool place (including a beach by the river), London has EVERYTHING! 

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