Eastern Curve Garden

This week by complete chance, I visited the award winning Eastern Curve Garden.

Having been surrounded by billboards for months and located amidst the chaos and building developments at Dalston Junction, I had failed to spot this great project. The Curve Garden is a shared vegetable garden and workspace for Dalston's local community, built on a former railway plot.

The space is free for anyone to use between 11am-4pm. There is a sheltered classroom area hosting a variety of talks and a weekly gardening club held on Saturdays.

The project was funded by the London Development Agency/Design for London as part of the 'Making Space In Dalston' project and  is supported by Hackney Council.

Due to limited space this is not a traditional allotment, everyone involved works to grow vegetables for the group, they are then shared out. Rather than being completely responsible for your own patch. This is great for someone like myself, who is far from a gardening expert and can only visit once a week!

Check out events going on at Curve Garden


EVENT: 2nd May 2011 The Pizza Oven launch party

Posted on February 8, 2011 and filed under Design, Green Living, London, Sustainable Design.