Ask three questions...

Eggpot & Shovel photo shoot

What is LAHLA studio?

A collection of info-graphics and design-led homewares made by me, Lahla. Everything I design has a focus on food, whether it’s growing it, serving it up beautifully for friends for just taking delight in it – and how great it tastes!

How did it come about?

LAHLA studio came together from a number of things, after finishing my degree (BA Product Design Sustainable Futures), I moved to London and by chance ended up working in the kitchen of London’s only ‘sustainable’ conference centre. This was a great time for me to explore my love for cooking and experiment with lots of wonderful ingredients and dietary needs – Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Raw.

A year later, I found myself working with Worn Again, a one of a kind ‘upcycling’ business. My job was to create visuals that explained their very complex logistic system – and ultimately try to sell ‘upcycling’ to corporates.  This is when I found David McCandless’s book Information Is Beautiful and first discovered the term 'info-graphic'.

Over the next few years, I freelanced with giftware businesses like SuckUK, Another Studio and Reiko Kaneko. Finally, LAHLA studio was born, a combination of my accrued skills and madness for anything food!

What is the best bit about running your own business?

Number one is having the freedom to work in a way which suits me – usually, late starts and late nights! The other thing I love is that with each new product, I try to use a different manufacturing process. I like to think of each new creation as an excuse to develop my skill set. Watch this space, new products are in the pipeline!


Posted on March 22, 2015 .