Restuarant Review: Mezze jackpot in Exmouth Market

(my 1st attempt at a restaurant review)

Today’s food find was an unexpected and brilliant surprise. After a lazy morning myself and Mr TJ headed for brunch in Exmouth Market - Enjoying the rare British sunshine and with no cuisine preferences in mind (also very rare) we took up the window seats in Morito. After over 10 minutes *scrutinising the menu we finally ordered a selection of tapas style small plates, homemade minty lemonade and freshly squeezed OJ.

…long story short, everything arrived delicious and beautifully presented. Fresh and zesty, the beetroot borani is an absolute must try (see pictured). All the things that delight me in a restaurant were there, to my surprise. Weighty cutlery, sharp knives, decent quality (finger print free) glasses, Aesop hand soap and olive oil already waiting on your table - visit Morito if you appreciate attention to detail! All of that said, the best thing (food aside) is that it isn’t too fancy or too spotless or too trendy. The decor has an authentic pinch of Spain. Veneered bar tops, mirrors and eclectic framed pictures spread over half bare walls, exposed vents and boxes of food supplies squeezed into every available shelf. You can prop yourself up at the bar and enjoy a coffee, snack or dinner here. Morito, like you’ll find in much of Europe is about conversation, taking you’re time and really delighting in delicious, simple food with lots of punch.  You will not be disappointed!

If you like what you taste you can also pick up a copy of The Moro Cookbook; a distilled collection of recipes by Sam & Sam Clark the couple behind Morito (and sister restaurant Moro).

*I’m horrendously indecisive - especially when confronted with a good selection of vegetarian friendly dishes (no risotto in sight).



Posted on May 4, 2014 .