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The Power Of Making 2011

A few designs from The Power Of Making exhibition at The V&A - 6 September 2011 – 2 January 2012 'Power of Making celebrates the role of making in our lives by presenting an eclectic selection of over 100 exquisitely crafted objects. Curated by Daniel Charny, the exhibition is a cabinet of curiosities showing works by both amateurs and leading makers from around the world, presenting a range of skills with imaginative and spectacular results.'

Fingerprint Suspension Lamp by designer Dan Yeffet


Edra Cabana cupboard by The Campana Brothers

The Campana Brothers have played with the concept of flexibility. Aesthetically, I don't think the Edra Cabana cupboard is a success but there is something intriguing about using a pliable, changeable material in an object that conventionally embodies solidity.

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EcoBuild 2011 | Sustainable Urbanism

Passive Housing and Sustainable Urbanism seemed to be the hype at this years EcoBuild.

The Landscape Institute sponsored a program of seminars focused on 'Sustainability and The City'. With only two hours to spare before dashing back to the other side of London, I stayed to watch a discussion by Wulf Daseking, Head of Planning in The city of Freiburg, Germany. Having written The Freiburg Charter For Sustainable Urbanism in 2010, Wulf had some educated thoughts on urban planning, with a particular focus on  infrastructure and development of the suburbs.

The City of Freiburg (European City of the Year 2010) has been an inspiration to urban planners across Europe for the past decade, as a successful working model of what strategic, people centred planning can deliver. The Charter published last year outlines 12 basic paths towards sustainable urban planning. A major consideration the charter flags up is, building around public transport links to create thriving suburban districts and reduce traffic passing through cities. Wulf emphasised the need for 'short distance' development where residents can walk or travel quickly by public transport to the city centre. This enables consumers to shop locally, therefore retaining wealth in the district; rather than losing trade to large out-of-town supermarkets. Have a read through the charter for more information on, mixed wealth neighbourhoods and land purchase for living rather than development.

A point that stayed with me and that is applicable to most challenges in politics and design, is the idea of " orientation towards long term objectives". In essence, solutions can be found and maintained by looking at the bigger picture. By anticipating change and growth planners can optimise their resources and create a long term strategys that can be sustained over time.

View from the impressive Excel conference centre in East London's docklands.

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Over the next few months, Amnesty International is screening a brilliant set of films titled 'DIRTY BUSINESS'.

I went to see the first in the series 'The Yes Men, Fix The World'. Not only was the film extremely funny but it highlights how corporate greed is destroying the planet and what lengths we need to go, to ensure our own future...

If you can make it to any of the other screenings, they are definitely worth the trip:

Thu 04 Mar 2010 - UP THE YANGTZE

Thu 18 Mar 2010 - BLACK GOLD

Thu 01 Apr 2010 - IRONEATERS


Thu 06 May 2010 - CRUDE

All are FREE and start at 6.30pm @ The Human Rights Centre, London

See for more info and booking

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